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Our Mission

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Our Commitments to Sustainability

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We are committed to energy and waste conservation by establishing goals to reduce our impact on the planet.

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Social Responsibility

We are committed to improving the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of our community for a sustainable future.

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We are committed to the wellbeing of our employees by investing in paths of opportunity through education, training, and personal growth.

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Value Chain

We are committed to offering innovative products that support maximum value, lifecycle, and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

What We've Done So Far

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Testing and development of products to ensure maximum lifecycle.
On-site test lab allows engineers to perform product testing that promotes the use of the highest quality materials and fabrication. The Spring Fatigue Test (pictured) is designed to test the durability and lifecycle of Helwig springs when installed in the hydro turbine brush holders. Each individual ring is set to a different level of runout to ensure top performance in all conditions.
Helwig Carbon's health program in action
Employee wellness program to promote health and well-being.
Health & wellness initiatives are offered and encouraged to all employees at Helwig. An on-site nurse/health coach, fitness center, and a free annual biometric screening are just some of the resources available for employees to keep track of their health and improve physical fitness. Various support groups meet regularly to provide a supportive community and promote personal growth.
Donation programs for local charities and foundations.
Helwig Carbon Products takes part in various activities and fundraisers throughout the year to support local charities such as The Next Door Foundation and United Way. At Helwig, we believe that charitable contributions to our community are a key factor in the growth and success of the Milwaukee area and its residents.
Use of sustainable packaging and material recycling processes.
Helwig actively takes measure to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills and preserve natural resources whenever possible. In addition to using biodegradable boxes for all orders, Helwig recycles a large number of manufacturing materials such as carbon chunks, brass, tin, silver, batteries, and other common office items like paper, cardboard, and plastic.

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