Helwig offers replacement spring assemblies for virtually every type of constant force brush holder, including turbine ring magazines. Our spring assemblies are designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original part. We also replace springs on existing back plates. Over 40 popular style are carried in stock.

  • Engineered to give optimal performance for your equipment
  • Designed improve brush life and lower maintenance costs
  • Helwig Carbon carries over 35 common styles in stock
  • Custom made springs available in days

Advantages of Constant Force Springs

  • Provides consistent force throughout the life of the brush.
  • Results in better brush performance, and improved brush life.
  • They are replaceable. Other springs may require replacing the entire holder assembly to replace the spring.
  • Helwig Carbon constant force springs and holders can be refurbished, giving you like-new components without the added expense.

Exclusive Built-In Wear Indicator

An optional wear device is available with selected springs to easily detect when carbon brush should be replaced.

Spring Repair

Did you know that we can replace the springs on your existing clips? Just send in the old clips and we can put on new rollers/springs. Make sure you include an old brush or part number. The brush size, style, and RPM determine the spring force.

Measuring Spring Force

Measure spring force accurately with Helwig Carbon’s high performance, hand held, digital scale. It includes a large easy to read LCD display and attachments for both constant force and torsion type springs. Watch our Measuring Spring Force video below.


Having the proper spring pressure is as important as the grade of brush. See below for a chart showing the proper spring pressure for the different types of applications.

Brush Type Pounds Per Square Inch Grams Per Square Centimeter
Industrial D.C. Applications 4.0-6.0 280-420
High Speed Turbine Rings; Soft Graphite Grades 2.5-3.5 170-240
Metal Graphite Brushes 4.5-5.5 310-390
FHP Brushes 4.0-7.0 280-490
Traction Brushes 5.0-8.0 350-560

Top and bottom bevels contribute to loss of spring pressure.

Angle in Degrees Loss of Force
5 0.40%
10 1.50%
20 6.00%
25 9.40%
30 13.4%
35 18.10%
40 23.40%



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measure spring force

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