We manufacture a variety of silver graphite brushes and contacts in a dedicated production area in our Milwaukee, WI headquarters. Our silver graphite brush grades are designed with pure precision to handle the most demanding requirements in critical applications.

Advantages of Silver Graphite Brushes:

  • High conductivity/Low resistivity
  • Accurate signal/power/data transfer
  • Good thermal performance
  • Oxidation & chemical resistance
  • Low wear rate, increasing contact life
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Non-welding

The Helwig Carbon Advantage:

  • Made in the USA (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Precision fabrication in a dedicated production area
  • Unmatched technical expertise
  • Superior customer service
  • Fast production and quick delivery
  • ISO 9001 Certified
Silver powder contents up to 97% by weight are available
Silver impregnation is available
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ISO blue logo, certified graphite brush

Material Relationship

The pure silver material provides high conductivity and low resistance while the graphite material provides self-lubricating properties.  We are able to apply additives to the graphite material which improves the self-lubricating properties to better suit the dry atmospheres in high altitude applications. Our silver graphite brushes & contacts will not melt nor weld to connecting metal surfaces as the graphite material cannot be melted.  Compatible with the following contact surfaces: brass, bronze & steel.

SG-2, silver graphite brushes by Helwig Carbon
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Spring Loaded Brushes

One of our silver graphite contacts
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Slip-Ring Brushes & Contacts

wind power brush, silver graphite brush
silver (for a silver graphite brush) next to a ruler
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Non-Welding Contact Tips

save time, carbon brush holder assembly, silver-impregnated carbon graphite brushes

Typical order turnaround is 3 weeks

an icon for our capabilities, silver graphite brushe

Ability to produce upwards of 30,000 sliding contacts in 1 order

TON icon, silver graphite brush capability

Pressing Capabilities from 6 tons to 250 tons of pressure

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6 Furnace Systems to sinter materials for strength

caliper icon, silver-impregnated carbon graphite brushes

Tolerance Capabilities

– Press to size = .006
– Plate Material = .02

blending icon, electrographite and silver graphite contacts

Power Blending Room to evenly and accurately mix grade materials


Our proprietary silver graphite brush will effectively divert induced shaft currents to ground, protecting the motor bearings from pitting, fluting, vibration and premature bearing failure.

A span of 6 bpk brushes on our silver graphite brushes page, example of shaft grounding solutions from Helwig Carbon
wind turbines, used for blog post on silver graphite grades

New Silver Graphite Grade Excels in Grounding Applications

The function of a carbon brush on power ring vs. a grounding ring is significantly different! Many customers use copper graphite for power rings and use similar copper graphite grades for grounding rings. This typically results in grooving of the ground rings. The function of the carbon brush on power and ground slip ring is significantly different. This is where Helwig’s silver graphite grade K297 excels. This grade was specifically designed for grounding applications and is becoming popular in the wind turbine market.