Helwig Carbon has a vast network of experts that can assist in diagnosing issues with electrical contacts. Our team of local representatives have unsurpassed experience and knowledge in the sliding electrical contact industry. We are also available to do site surveys. A site survey allows us to document all the motors in a facility and match them with Helwig’s recommended part number. This makes brush identification and purchasing much easier.

Motor / Plant Survey

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. offers a unique site survey service called a “brush survey” which can help make brush identification and purchasing a lot easier.


Helwig service reps will review all the applications in your plant that use carbon brushes then match the correct brush size & grade, the proper spring clip, and the proper brush holder for each motor or slip ring application. Site survey allows for the easy identification and the correct replacement component for each motor or slip ring. Full name plate and brush specifications are recorded. Recommendations are made by the Helwig technical staff to help maximize brush life and equipment performance.

All information is listed in a reference book or database with unique “reorder part numbers” (i.e. stores or bin number for each brush and corresponding application). Copies of the “survey book” are distributed to the appropriate maintenance and purchasing people. Helwig Carbon and their service rep will also have a copy. All that is required to order brushes is a reorder part number and book number. Reorder part numbers can be stamped on the carbon brush.


  • Facilitates a consistent, easy method for ordering brushes
  • Helps identify similar items which allows for more economical purchasing and reduced inventories
  • Improves brush life and equipment performance by reviewing the unique aspects and conditions of each individual application
  • Special knowledge of this technical product is not required to place orders
  • Creates a common reference point for trouble shooting problems

Contact Helwig direct or contact your local sales and service rep about the Helwig carbon brush surveys.


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