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Product Literature

We offer a wide range of informational literature from product specification sheets to niche market brochures.  If there is something you were unable to find, please call us at 1-800-962-4851.

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Our extensive experience in applying the appropriate materials for specific applications guides our technical staff to lead customers to logical, scientific solutions that maximize product performance. By evaluating the entire brush system, including the brush holder and spring, we provide a coordinated solution that leads to longer product life and lower maintenance costs.

Whitepapers & Technical Articles

To help our customers, we offer a series of whitepapers (WPR) to extend the brush and contact surface life. These whitepapers were previously presented at conferences and seminars to educate the industry on our findings.

General Brushes – 000’s

Brush Information Wall Chart (CRT-000)
Brush Specification Guide (GDE-001)
Press-to-Size Brush Brochure (BRO-002)
Spanish – Press to Size Brush Brochure (BRO-003)
Silver Graphite Brush Brochure (BRO-004)
Spanish – Brush Specification Guide (GDE-005)
Pocket Guide – Carbon Brushes (GDE-006)
The Carbon Brush and How It Relates To Commutation (WPR-007)

Industry-Specific Brushes – 100’s

A Pocket Guide for Elevator Technicians (GDE-100)
Aviation Brush Brochure (BRO-101)
Spanish Aviation Brush Brochure (BRO-102)
Elevator Brush and Holder Brochure (BRO-103)
Mining Brush Brochure (BRO-104)
Lift Truck Brush Brochure (BRO-105)
Spanish – Lift Truck Brochure (BRO-106)
Carbon Brushes for Elevators Whitepaper (WPR-107)
Spanish Mining Brush Brochure (BRO-108)

Brush Holders – 200’s

Brush Holder Brochure w/Spring Cut Sheet 300 (BRO-200)
Stock Brush Holder Cut Sheet (CUT-201)
Spanish Stock Brush Holder Cut Sheet (CUT-202)
Adjustable Ring Brush Holder Brochure (BRO-203)
GE Brush Holder Upgrade Brochure (BRO-204)
Traction Brush Holder Brochure (BRO-205)
Brush Holder Magazine Rebuild Brochure (BRO-207)
Brush Holders and the Performance of Brushes (WPR-208)
Teflon Brush Holder Coating for Resistance to Acid Fume Exposure Whitepaper (WPR-209)
Spanish Holder Brochure w/Spring Cut Sheet 302 (BRO-210)
Spanish – Adjustable Ring Brush Holder Brochure (BRO-211)

Spring Assemblies – 300’s

Stock Spring Assembly Cut Sheet (CUT-300)
The Effect of Spring Pressure Whitepaper (WPR-301)
Spanish – Stock Spring Assembly Cut Sheet (CUT-302)

BPKs™ & BPK-Probe™ – 400’s

BPK Brochure (BRO-400)
Spanish – BPK IM2 (BRO-401)
Bearing Protection Comparison Brochure (BRO-402)
Shaft Grounding Whitepaper (WPR-403)
Bearing Protector Case Study (CSE-404)
BPK-S Brochure (BRO-405)
Spanish – BPK-S Brochure (BRO-406)
BPK-SB Brochure (BRO-407)
Spanish – BPK Brochure (BRO-408)
BPK-IM2 Brochure (BRO-409)
The Bearing Protector Display Card (DIS-410)
Spanish – Catalog of BPK’s (CAT-411)
BPK-Probe™ Brochure (BRO-412)
Spanish – BPK-Probe™ Brochure (BRO-413)
Spanish Bearing Protection Comparison Brochure (BRO-414)
Rooftop Fan Motor Case Study (CSE-415)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Application Brief (APP-416)

BPK Best Practices for OEMs
BPK UL Approval Certificate

Wind & Hydro Energy – 500s

Wind Energy Brochure (BRO-500)
Spanish – Wind Energy Brochure (BRO-501)
Hydro Turbine Brush Holder Brochure (BRO-502)
Spanish – Hydro Turbine Brush Holder Brochure (BRO-503)
Wind Pitch Motor BPK Brochure (BRO-504)

Mechanical Carbons – 600s

Mechanical Carbon Brochure (BRO-600)
Carbon Graphite Properties Cut Sheet (CUT-601)
Carbon Vane Brochure (BRO-602)
Spanish – Carbon Vane Brochure (BRO-603)

Motor OEMs- 700s

Teco-Westinghouse BPK Brochure (BRO-700)
North American Electric BPK Brochure (BRO-710)
WEG BPK Brochure (BRO-711)

Ancillary Products, Subject & Guides – 800s

Brush Wear Indicator Brochure (BRO-800)
Digital Spring Pressure Scale Brochure (BRO-801)
Spanish – Digital Scale Brochure (BRO-802)
Brushes Sparking and Machine Maintenance (WPR-803)
Commutator Condition Guide (GDE-804)
Spanish – Commutator Condition Guide (GDE-805)
Order Form w/ Application Sheet (ORD-806)
HQD Brochure (BRO-807)
Spanish Order Form w/ Application Sheet (ORD-808)
Spanish – Brush Wear Indicator Brochure (BRO-809)
Spanish – HQD Brochure (BRO-810)
Commutator Surface Conditions Wall Chart (CRT-811)
DC/AC Motor Accessories Brochure (BRO-812)

General Company Information – 900s

Family of Products Brochure (BRO-900)
Spanish – Family of Products Brochure (BRO-901)
First Name in Brush Tech Brochure (BRO-902)
Spanish – First Name in Brush Tech Brochure (BRO-903)
Career and Internships Brochure (BRO-905)
Cortela Training Brochure (BRO-906)
Technical Innovations (WPR-907)