Slip Ring Brushes

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Slip Ring Brushes (An electrical slip ring is a rotary continuity device to transfer electrical power, control, and data from a stationary to rotating member. Brushes ride on the slip ring as the rotor rotates.) The electrical connection to the rotor is made by connections to the brushes. We also make brushes with inserts for cleaning action to minimize the slip ring wear. Brush impregnations and treatments can also done to protect the slip ring surface from contaminated environments.

High Speed Turbine Applications

Helwig Carbon’s low friction grades H702 & H704 have been used extensively on Allis Chalmers, ABB, General Electric, and Westinghouse units around the world. Our carbon brush and holder designs provide reliable service and reduced maintenance. Many of the popular carbon brush designs are carried in stock. Look for the brush you need in our catalog search under Power Generation

Slow Speed Hydro Applications

Helwig Carbon has several good materials for use on slow speed hydro electric applications. We have been very active in the replacement market providing solutions that give longer brush life and lower maintenance. Our experienced Engineering and Technical staff work closely with customers from concept to completion of design on new projects. They also provide technical support for troubleshooting and recommendation on existing projects. Highly trained and experienced Sales representatives are available for on site visits to assess your needs.

PDF: Hydro and Turbine Brush Holders