Shaft Grounding Brush Holders & Lightning Protection

Grounding Holders

Helwig Carbon offers several different carbon brushes for grounding applications. Our most popular grounding brush is used as a shaft grounding assembly we call The Bearing Protector that diverts static and induced electric currents in motor shafts away from the bearings, protecting them from pitting and damage. Check out our Bearing Protector which is a brush and holder kit that can be easily installed on the end of the motor shaft.

Shaft grounding for use on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) is the most popular use of our Bearing Protector. VFDs on both AC and DC motor induce harmful electrical current on the motor shaft that results in damage to the bearings.

PDF: Helwig Carbon - The Bearing Protector™

Lightning Protection

Helwig carbon brushes are also used to provide a path to ground for lightning on Wind Turbine applications. Low resistant grades of material are used to create a sure path to ground for lightning applications. Our carbon brush and holder assembly is good insurance against lightning damage.

Lightning Protection for Wind Turbines

Helwig Carbon offers carbon brush and brush holders assemblies that provide a safe path to ground for lightning on Wind Turbine applications. Our products meet the rigorous demands of lightning protection, perform well in high surges, and are not prone to wear. Low resistivity ensures that electrical currents are directed away from crucial components.

For more information on Helwig products for wind turbines, please refer to our Wind Power Brochure below.

PDF: Wind Power Brochure