Helwig Carbon Products Acquires J Ream Manufacturing, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. acquires J Ream Manufacturing, Inc.

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PRESS RELEASE: Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. acquires  J Ream Manufacturing, Inc.

Acquisition & Integration of Brush Holder Product Line


Milwaukee, WI, February 28, 2020– Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition and integration of the brush holder product line of J. Ream Manufacturing, Inc. The brush holders manufactured by J Ream will now be manufactured at Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI. In addition to the legacy J Ream holders, customers will also have the option of upgrading to improved brush holder designs featuring Helwig Carbon’s innovations like constant force springs, brush wear indicators, and quick disconnects.

“This acquisition strengthens our core brush holder business by adding new holder designs and applications to Helwig Carbon Products core business. Helwig Carbon has been in the brush holder business for 50 years and we are ideally suited to manufacture these products.” -President Mark Umhoefer

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. has prepared and integrated modern engineering drawings of the legacy J Ream brush holders into the manufacturing process. In addition, brush holder refurbishment options are available to end-users. This demonstrates Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.’s strength and commitment to the brush holder product line.

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is one of the last American owned manufacturers of carbon brushes, brush holders, shaft grounding systems, silver graphite contacts, and mechanical carbons. The carbon brushes and holders are designed for maximum performance on large industrial motors (both commutator and slip ring), fractional horsepower motors, tachometers, synchronous motors, and permanent magnetic motors. Industries served include aerospace, HVACR, medical, motor repair, OEM, power generation, steel, paper, elevator, and railroad. Major OEM approvals and 98% on-time delivery.

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