Garnet Paper

Helwig Carbon stocks several sizes of Garnet Commutator Paper for proper seating of your carbon brushes.

It’s non-conductive and is used for pre-shaping carbon brushes and cleaning commutator surfaces.

How to Seat in a Carbon Brush

  1. Place commutator paper of sufficient width to contact all brushes with abrasive side out and secure with masking tape the full circumference of the commutator.
  2. Rotate by hand in the direction of rotation until the brushes have taken on 75% of the radius 80 grit paper does the primary shaping and should be followed by 220 grit for a fine finish.

If you need more information, please watch our training video on how to seat a carbon brush below.

Purpose of Brush Seating

  • Not properly seating in the carbon brushes can cause brush and commutator damage leading to costly maintenance and downtime
  • By properly seating in the carbon brushes it allows you to use rated current almost immediately

Brush Seating

  • Use only garnet commutator paper do not use emery cloth Seat all the carbon brushes
  • Change all carbon brushes at one time
  • Order carbon brushes with precut radius
  • Vacuum excess carbon dust to prevent from reaching machine windings and bearings


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