Our specialized carbon graphite material is the ideal vane material for dry running oil-less vacuum pumps and compressors. Dry running pump vanes have many advantages over other types of pumps. They offer smooth – pulse free air flow, require no lubrication with minimal noise and vibration in a compact design. They produce maximum vacuums and have high air flow rates combined with easy maintenance and long service life.

Specialized materials are stocked in various grades and sizes in order to manufacture pump vanes quickly. With our custom grinding equipment we maintain the challenging tolerances required to obtain the best performance from our vanes.

Advantages of Carbon Graphite Vanes & Rotors

  • Self lubricating – dry running
  • Low wear rate
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Compatible with food & pharmaceuticals
  • Excellent thermal shock
  • Good hardness
  • Good impact resistance
  • Excellent strength

Typical Applications for Carbon Pump Vanes & Rotors

  • Printing industry
  • Medical applications
  • Lab environments
  • Packaging machines
  • Exhaust pumps
  • Fuel & fuel transfer pumps
  • Pond aeration
  • Vacuum forming & vacuum holding
  • Breathing air supply
  • Oil burner air atomizing systems


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