Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Brushes Helwig Carbon supplies carbon brushes, brush holders, and grounding assemblies for wind applications. Reports of brush failures and poor brush life are common on wind turbine generators. Field tests have shown our brushes are consistently outperforming the originally installed brush. Wind energy applications demand reliability. Choose Helwig brushes and brush holders to experience:

  • Improved performance & reliability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Extended brush life

Grounding Assemblies: Helwig Carbon also manufactures grounding assemblies for wind pitch motors. Save your motor bearings from stray shaft currents using one of Helwig’s easy to install shaft grounding kits. Currently approved with several wind pitch motor manufacturers.

Lightning Protection: Lightning strikes are a serious concern for wind turbines. Helwig Carbon offers brushes and brush holders that meet the rigorous demands of lightning protection. Our brush grades perform well in high surges and are not prone to wear. Low resistivity ensures that electrical currents are directed away from crucial components. Helwig brushes and brush holders are unsurpassed in quality and are a perfect safeguard for your investment.

Wind Turbine Brushes

For more information on Helwig products for wind turbines, please refer to our Wind Power Brochure below.

PDF: Wind Power Brochure