Welcome to Helwig’s technical information section. Helwig Carbon has built its reputation on helping customers solve brush and commutator related problems. We have a number of resources for you to reference including technical papers, troubleshooting and product Identification.
The unique level of expertise and extensive experience of our technical staff leads customers to effective solutions that maximize product performance. Our network of over 15 regional service representatives are available to gather necessary information on site in order to trouble shoot commutation and brush contact problems.

If you are having trouble with a particular application, feel free to contact your local Helwig rep (see Sales Representatives in Support Section) or call our technical service group at 1-800-962-4851.

Grade Data

Many of the grades used today are derived through variations in raw materials, molding pressure, temperature, duration of the baking process and after-treatments. All brush grades fall into five categories and are represented by the tables below.

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Grade Info

One of the greatest challenges in manufacturing carbon brushes is supplying a grade that will maximize performance for the manner in which the motor or generator is operating. Consideration must be given to the actual running loads, duty cycle, voltage, peripheral speeds and the environment.

Helwig Carbon’s technical staff is experienced in selecting the proper grade for your application.…

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Articles & White Papers

Helwig Carbon offers a unique level of expertise in applying the appropriate materials for specific applications. The extensive experience of our technical staff leads customers to logical, scientific solutions that maximize product performance. By evaluating the entire brush system, including the brush holder and spring we provide a coordinated solution that leads to longer product life and…

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Helwig has a wide range of literature from product specification sheets to niche market brochures. To identify brushes, refer to our Specification Guide for Carbon Brushes. One of our most popular pieces is the Commutator Troubleshooting Guide. If you want more in-depth information consider reviewing one of the technical papers. If there is something you were unable to find, please call us at 1-800-962-4851.

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SDS for Helwig's Products


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