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BPK Probe on a stand

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is proud to announce that the BPK-Probe™ has been issued US Patent #10942203.  This major innovation provides a means to detect induced shaft currents in motors controlled by VFD drives. This analysis will help identify the potential for bearing failures and avoid costly downtime.  This patented technology will be valuable to the industry and contribute to preventative maintenance practices.

“The BPK-Probe was developed at Helwig Carbon to make a major contribution to the rotating equipment industry and reflects our commitment to innovation.” 

Mark Umhoefer, President.

The BPK-Probe™ uses a proprietary algorithm to test for shaft voltage while displaying PASS/FAIL results and the risk on an LCD screen in 20 seconds or less. The test data is recorded on a micro-SD card for reporting. The testing device features a robust joystick design built for preventative maintenance technicians, vibration analysts, reliability engineers, and motor repair specialists. The handle includes a BNC output for connection with an oscilloscope for a more detailed analysis of shaft currents.

“The BPK-Probe from Helwig Carbon is very intuitive and easy to use. The design and function are spot on. The readout, showing Pass or Fail, is a great way to test the motors. If the motor passes the inspection, there is no need for any further testing. With the Embedded Grounding Solution, it is easy to see what the voltage would be after installing Helwig Carbon Bearing Protection Kits.”

Brandon Davis, Johnson Controls

Technical Team Lead & Master Factory Trained Technician

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is the premier, family-owned American manufacturer of carbon brushes, brush holders, spring assemblies, Bearing Protection Kits™, metal graphite brushes, and mechanical carbons. Since 1928, we have forged innovations that have since become industry standards and requirements. We pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our products to the highest standard and performance because we know your application depends on it!


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