Custom Made Products

Helwig Carbon specializes in custom solutions for your particular industrial motor application. Our carbon brushes and brush holders are engineered to provide maximum performance and long life, with minimal maintenance and downtime. With years of experience, expertise in design and manufacturing, and understanding a wide variety of brush applications, we can customize your product to best fit and function in the application.

The carbon brush is a critical component of an electric motor and can be a maintenance headache if not designed properly. Applying the right brush for the application will not only extend the brush life, but also the commutator or ring surface, thus avoiding costly motor repair.

Helwig Carbon designs and manufactures custom made products under one roof. We are the only carbon company manufacturing carbon brushes and brush holders in the same facility, ensuring these components work together for optimal performance. Our brush holders all have constant force design and often direct retro-fits to the original holder. Proper brush holder design and spring force can dramatically improve carbon brush life and reduce maintenance costs.

Proper Brush Design significantly improves Life and Performance

Situation: Helwig Carbon’s Engineering group was recently approached by a motor manufacturer who was experiencing excess commutator wear and fast carbon brush wear with their 20 Volt DC Fractional Horse Power (FHP) Motor using grade 5106 from another source.

Analysis: Helwig’s Team analyzed the brush design thoroughly. A stronger and more flexible wire construction was proposed along with a new carbon material. R&D engineers at Helwig developed a new grade specifically suited for the application. Grade K115 with optimum (35% Copper & 65% Graphite) was developed.

Life Tests: Motors were tested by the customer and an engineering audit was performed after 100 hrs and 250 hrs before completing the life tests.


  • 50% less carbon brush wear with the K115 Helwig Carbon brush than the original 5106 grade brush.
  • 50% less commutator wear with K115 compared to the 5106.

Additional benefits: The end customer of this motor manufacturer was concerned about the noise being a factor. The new K115 carbon brushes from Helwig Carbon ran with 5% less noise than the original.

In addition to performance improvements, Helwig brush was more economical as well!!!

Note- Helwig Carbon has a comprehensive motor test lab including a Dynamometer, R&D Dept, Application and Design engineering group

–Nitin Kulkarni
Engineering Manager