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Why Work for Helwig?

“In the years I have worked at Helwig, I appreciated the generosity of the company towards their employees.  I like working with my co-workers and working with my hands.  Helwig cares about their employees.”

“New employees to Helwig should work hard, pay attention to instructions, and they will become successful.  The Lord will do the rest.”

RV Robertson, Jr.

Associate III, Shop 1

Length of employment:  50 years

“Helwig truly cares for their employees and makes it a great work environment.  I appreciate that my hard work is recognized and encouraged.”

“New employees at Helwig should work hard, have a positive attitude, and show initiative.”

Fernanda Speranza

Customer Services

Length of employment:  14.5 years

“I really like that Helwig is family owned and they care about their employees.  Each generation has cared about the success and the future of Helwig Carbon Products.”

“New employees should look around and talk to some of the long-term employees.  They have so much knowledge about the products, the history of the company, and everything Helwig has to offer.”

Linda Schmidt

Executive Assistant, Administration

Length of employment:  40 years

“At Helwig, we are all about teamwork.  New employees should strive for excellence which includes being on time to work every day and having respect for one another.”

“What I like best about working at Helwig is job security – there has never been a lay off or shut down in the 24 years I’ve worked here. Helwig is an excellent company with high quality products.  The company is diverse and family oriented.”

Charles Lee

CNC Programmer, Brush Holder Department

Length of employment:  24 years

“What I like best about working at Helwig is I am given the opportunity to learn new things and research solutions to better the company.  I support senior management and I realize the contribution I make ultimately influences the overall success of the company.”

“Helwig is very active in the local community.  The company also takes employee health very seriously by offering several amenities on-site such as a Nurse Practitioner, exercise room, Physical Therapist, and Massage Therapist and on-site cafeteria.”

“I would tell new employees to take full advantage of all of the company-provided benefits including those associated with the wellness program, tuition reimbursement, and employee stock ownership program.  Helwig offers numerous benefits that are rarely found at most other companies.”

Andrew Gundrum

Systems Administrator, IT Department

Length of employment:  3 years

“I like that I’m always busy and the company motivates me to do better.  Helwig shows its appreciation to employees through activities, gifts, and more.  The company offers a cafeteria, on-site Nurse Practitioner, and exercise room which all shows the company cares about its employees.”

“I would suggest to new employees that they come to work on time and be prepared to work, show great work ethic, keep a positive attitude, and learn as much as you can so you are prepared to move up in the company.”

“I feel Helwig has the best interests of their employees at heart.  Helwig is a good company to work for and there is always something new and exciting to learn and do.”

Ebony Scott

Associate II, Shop 3

Length of employment:  3 years



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