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Helwig Carbon Maintains ISO 9001 Certification

IS0 9001 certified since October 1994, Helwig Carbon is the only carbon company with ISO certification for manufacturing and design. Our dedication to quality is evidenced by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Helwig Carbon is committed to the ongoing improvement of our processes, products, and people.

Our policy on quality: “We are dedicated to serving the customer with high-quality products, timely deliveries and technical support.” For you the customer this means maximum value in carbon brushes, holders, and mechanical carbon products.

Presented with ISO 9001 certification for manufacturing and design, Helwig Carbon is dedicated to quality and the continual refinement of our resources.

Helwig Carbon has received several awards including the Top 100 Workplaces in Wisconsin Award 2011-2014, the 2013, 2011 Healthiest Employer Award (1st Place in 2011), the 2009 Well Workplace Gold Award, the 2008 Workplace Diversity Advocate Award, the 2003 Employer Momentum Award from Project Equality, Manufacturer of the Year for Community Commitment in 1996, the Manufacturer of the Year for History of Employees Concern in 1997.

These certifications and awards symbolize the desire, effort, and commitment of Helwig Carbon Products to be the best we can be.