BPK-AM Shaft Grounding Kit

The BPK-AM is our largest bearing protection kit. It is ideal for use on motors with shafts greater than 4 inches.

  • Featuring silver graphite brush technology- the most effective at minimizing shaft voltages
  • Slotted mounting holes for easy installation
  • Can be installed by itself or used in conjunction with other kits for very large motors or high vibration applications
  • Silver graphite brush has a red top pad for reduced vibration and maximum contact with the shaft
  • Will typically outlast the life of the motor*
  • UL Recognized Component for US and Canada

*Statement based on lab testing and is not guaranteed

BPK-AM Shaft Grounding Kit

Model: BPK-AM

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Product Details

Brush Thickness 0.787"
Brush Width 0.394"
List Price 1 To 9 $305.76
List Price 10 To 23 $254.79
List Price 24+ Request a Quote
Holder Thickness 0.63"
Holder Width 1.26"
Holder Length 2.09"