Helwig Carbon designs & manufactures a wide array of brush holder assemblies, each engineered with the customer’s brush type and application top of  mind. Contact our team of experts or request a quote to find the best brush holder solution for your industry’s needs.

Advantages of Helwig’s Brush Holder Assemblies 

  • Advanced designs for longer brush life
  • Unmatched technical expertise
  • Superior customer service
  • Fast production, stock parts and quick delivery
  • Thousands of quotable holders and components
A closeup of one of our holders for your carbon brushes

Constant Force Springs

  • Proper spring pressure ensures better brush contact with the commutator
  • Increased spring force reduces electrical brush wear thus improves brush life and performance
  • Replacing our springs is easy and safer than traditional springs!

Built-In Wear Indicator

  • Optional brush wear indicator is the industry’s most convenient way to monitor wear
  • Red “danger strip” informs you the brush is worn out and should be replaced.
  • Preventative maintenance’s dream accessory

Helwig Quick Disconnects (HQDs)

  • Impressively fast and easy way to change brushes
  • No screws to remove, lose or replace!
  • HQD’s lock together with a tight, positive locking action even under rough conditions
  • Increase maintenance safety

Learn more about our pioneering constant force spring research from the 1980s

We offer a full line of informational literature to help answer any questions.

See our expert capabilities for motor/generator brushes to pair with our holders

Your holder assembly, rebuilt by our experts!

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Custom Engineered Holder Solutions

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Increase performance, decrease downtime costs

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Rush Orders – turnaround time as quick as 48 hours

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Installing a Brush Holder

Adjustable Slip Ring Holder

PH Crane Brush Holder Assembly

Turbine Style Brush Holder

Constant Force Spring Pressure Curve

Industrial Style Brush Holder

Industrial Holders

  • Solid construction provides better performance, longer brush life and lower maintenance costs than the original holder
  • Over 40 standard models in stock for GE, Reliance, Westinghouse, etc.
  • Easy to install
  • Constant Force Springs for increased performance out of your brush
  • Custom engineered designs for any applications
one of our industrial holders, that use our slip ring holder

Turbine Style Holders

  • Direct retrofit and custom designs for upgrades are available
  • Adjustable mounting bolts to increase installation flexibility for proper height above rings
  • Constant force holder design with Wear Indicators to easy maintenance
  • Replaceable spring clips provide less costly downtime
turbin style holder

Adjustable Slip Ring Holders 

  •  Fully adjustable slip ring holder designed to fit a wide array of applications
    • Flexible ring diameters, post diameters, and positions
  • Custom designed holders easily retrofit existing equipment and exceed performance of the original holder
  • Custom designs for wind power holders, wound rotor induction motor and synchronous motor holders
    • Standard holders in stock for GE and Westinghouse power generation
  • Replaces single holder and bank of two designs
  • Constant force spring design
  • Offered in 6 standard box sizes
Helwig Carbon slip ring holder

Wind Retrofit Holders

  • Robust design exceeds OEM holder performance
  • Engineered for maximum reliability, easier maintenance, and fewer up-tower repairs
  • Replaceable and adjustable brush boxes
  • Simplified wiring harness
  • Teflon spacers to protect ring phases
  • HQDs for faster brush changes
  • ISO 9001 Certified
Helwig Carbon holder - cast holders

BPK Brush Holders

  • Durable shaft grounding kit holders, made for even the toughest conditions and tightest of spaces
  • Proprietary silver graphite grade travel smoothly inside the shaft grounding kit holder
  • More effective than the carbon-fiber ring
  • Typically reduces shaft voltage to less than 1V!
  • Easy to install – effective immediately
  • Sealed and Internal Mount options are available
  • Fits multiple shaft sizes
  • Stock kits available for same-day shipping
  • UL Approved – Patented Products
a render of our bpk-4, part of our holder assembly

Traction Brush Holders

  • Enhanced replacement for 752 drilling & traction holders
  • Heavy-Duty gunmetal cast for extremely rough mining & traction applications
  • Internally reinforced insulator studs
  • Reduces vibration
  • Minimizes stud breakage
  • Durable clock style spring
  • Includes a stud to hold spring finger for fast and easy brush changes
  • Compatible with Helwig Carbon brush grades: H38, H83, H84, H60
a traction holder, electric motor holder

Cast Brush Holders 

  • Made from premium brass alloys
  • Best for high volume quantities but can offer smaller quantities if needed
  • A wide range of casted brush boxes are stocked in both imperial and metric sizes
  • Multiple castings for popular industrial motor/generators
Helwig Carbon holders - cast brush holder

Multiple Box Brush Holders 

  • Commonly used on large DC Motors
    • GE, Westinghouse, Siemens, ABB and other mill motors
  • Multiple box holders are engineered with adjustable and replaceable brush boxes
  • Designed with longer brush boxes for increased brush life, lowering maintenance costs
  • Spring Assemblies allow for safer and quicker brush changes
Helwig Carbon holder - multiple box

Machined Brush Holders 

  • Custom engineered through the latest 3D CAD modeling software
  • Can be designed and manufactured in under 2 weeks for rush situations
  • Ideal for lower quantity orders
  • Precise machining is completed through CNC milling and wire EDM center assuring the brush box is square and accurate
Helwig Carbon holder - machined holders

Finger Style Brush Holders 

  • Recommended for rough, high-vibration or excessive run-out applications
  • Designed to retrofit existing holders and spring combinations
  • Improved brass holder to withstand extreme environments
  • Engineered for individual holder replacements when needed
  • Able to use your existing brush – same length brush box
Helwig Carbon holders - finger style holders

Other Style Brush Holders 

  • Helwig can custom engineer any holder to your desired specifications

For custom engineering projects, please contact us directly at (880) 962-4851 or [email protected]

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hydro example - water over dam

Quality Upgrades for Hydro Generators

Helwig offers high-quality upgrades and custom designs to hydro generators that will ensure superior performance in the field. These upgrades are in addition to the expertly engineered turbine brush holders, adjustable slip ring holders, and constant force springs that deliver maximum reliability.

teflon coated brush holders

Teflon Coated Brush Holders for Pickling Line

In the steel industry, pickling operations are used to remove surface oxides and clean rust or scale buildup. These operations are very important for the manufacture of steel, but they are notorious for their corrosive atmosphere.

Constant Force Spring Differences Blog Post - image of Helwig Carbon constant force springs

Carbon Brush Springs: Constant Force to Optimize Wear Rate

Carbon Brush Springs: What Our Research Says About Constant Force and Wear Rate Many times, carbon brush holders that claim to use constant force springs are actually not constant force at all.  A proper holder allows full spring force throughout a carbon brush’s life.  Most holders are poorly designed and fail to be “constant force” for two main reasons:

Celebrate With Us | 50 Years of Brush Holder Innovations | Helwig Blog featured image

—50 Years of Brush Holder Innovations—

Celebrate With Us President – Mark Umhoefer Our mission is to provide genuine overall value to our customers. Nothing demonstrates that commitment better than our decision 50 years ago to add high-quality brush holders to the line of products we manufacture. Today more customers than ever come to Helwig Carbon Products to be supplied with the best possible holder and brush solution – a custom engineered solution provided by a team with unparalleled levels of expertise and experience.

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition and integration of the brush holder product line of J. Ream Manufacturing, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. acquires J Ream Manufacturing, Inc.

Acquisition & Integration of Brush Holder Product Line   Milwaukee, WI, February 28, 2020– Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition and integration of the brush holder product line of J. Ream Manufacturing, Inc.

slip ring carbon brush life - image of streaking

3 Reasons Motor Brushes Wear Out Fast

A common question from those handling DC motor maintenance is, “why are my motor brushes wearing so quickly?”. Rapid brush wear is a problem that can be caused from a multitude of factors. There isn’t one easy answer to this question, as each situation can be different. A natural answer to this question that many will quickly jump to is the carbon brush grade. However, we’ve seen that, more often than not, the brush grade is not the culprit. Here are three of the most common reasons for rapid carbon brush wear:

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