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Add Facility

How to Enter, save and edit Facility data, including notes. (Recommend doing this before each visit)

Motor List

How to enter, save and edit motor and application data, etc…

Connect App to Probe

Verify data link, test, and save data.

New Test

How to test and save data.


Step x Step showing to select data and export


Getting Started and Reference Manual Notes

Add Facility:

Before you can test motor(s), you must first create a facility and under that facility create a list of motor(s) to test (see step 2).

From the Home Screen, select Facility List, then select Add Facility, Enter Data, Save. Repeat for each facility where tests will be taken.

We recommend adding facility information before visiting.

Add detailed or contact information to the Notes section as needed.

Motor List:

Each motor tested must first be added to the Motor List.

From the Home Page, select Facility List, then select the facility you are visiting. The Motor List page will appear.

From the Motor List page, select Add Motor, enter Motor Data, then Save. Repeat for each motor to be tested.

Use the Notes Section to add specific information about the motor and application.

Connect App to Probe:

With facility and motor information added, you are ready to test the motor, but must first establish a link to the BPK-ProbeTM.

Wake up the BPK-ProbeTM by pressing and releasing the Probe’s Trigger Switch. The Probe’s display will turn on. Note the Bluetooth symbol on the Probe screen has a red slash indicating there is no connection to the app.

From the app Home Page, select Scan for BPK-ProbeTM. When found, select your Probe from the Device List (grey window).

Note: Each BPK-ProbeTM has a unique alphanumeric number: look for this on the upper right corner of the Probe’s display. If you see your Probe already listed in the Device List (grey window), select your Probe from the list to connect.

When connected, you will see a confirmation just above the Scan for BPK-ProbeTM tile (example – “Helwig XX Connected”). You will also notice the red slash across the Bluetooth icon on the BPK-Probe’s display is no longer there.

New Test

With facility and motor information added and an established link between the BPK-ProbeTM and the Data Link app, you are ready to test the motor

With the Bluetooth connection verified, select Facility List from the Home Page. Next select the appropriate Facility from the list previously entered (see step 1). The Motor List page will appear.

From the Motor List page, select a motor to test. To add a new motor, see step 2.

With the BPK-ProbeTM ‘awake’ (screen on) and the Bluetooth link established, select New Test. A Testing Window will appear.

If the Testing Window does not appear, you will receive an error message after a timeout period. This means the Probe has timed out. Press and release the Probe’s Trigger Switch. If this does not reestablish a link, repeat step 3.

Begin to test motors with the Probe as normally used. Each completed test result will appear in the Testing window.

Click Here to review the BPK-ProbeTM Operator Manual.

When testing is complete, select (tap) each test you want to keep; when selected, the test will become highlighted. When all the tests you want to keep are selected, press Save. Typically, 2 or 3 tests per motor are saved. Some tests are redundant or faulty; do not save these tests.

Note: Once Saved, All unselected tests will be lost and cannot be retrieved.


The app allows the user to send a pre-formatted report directly from the app. The BPK-Probe does not have to be linked to export data.

From the Home Screen, select Export, the Facility List page will open. Select the facility you would like to export data from, and the Motor List page will open.

Note: Only tests from one facility can be exported at a time.

Select a Motor from the Motor List to see test data, then select the test data you would like to export. A checkmark will appear for each test selected.

Tap the back arrow to return to the Motor List page to select additional data to export.

With all tests selected, press Export. A new screen will appear. Add up to 3 e-mail addresses as needed; press Send. A new e-mail screen will appear.

Add additional recipients, add/change header, message text, etc.

Press the SEND ICON from the e-mail screen to send the Report. The report is displayed on your iOS device for review before sending.

For Android, scroll to the Data Link Report PDF icon and select. The report will open.

BPK-Probe™ Blog Posts

BPK Probe on a stand

From Probe to Patent

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is proud to announce that the BPK-Probe™ has been issued US Patent #10942203.  This major innovation provides a means to detect induced shaft currents in motors controlled by VFD drives.

graphic of K007: Exclusive Silver Graphite Brush Grade blog post

K007: Exclusive Silver Graphite Brush Grade

Helwig Carbon provides the shaft grounding industry the lowest resistant path to ground via a proprietary silver graphite brush grade to protect from damaging VFD-induced shaft currents.  This one-of-a-kind brush grade is 5X lower in resistance than

test for shaft voltage

Testing Shaft Voltages for Bearing Current Protection

Motor bearings are essential components in electric motors that provide support and facilitate smooth rotation of the motor’s rotating shaft. However, as electrical currents flow through motor bearings this can cause damage and shorten your motor’s lifespan.

BPK Probe ROI Blog, the BPK-Probe™ is an easy to use instrument specifically designed to measure the risk for damage to motor bearings, gearboxes, or other devices.

Achieving an ROI with the BPK-Probe™

Problem Overview: The Patent Pending BPK-Probe™ is an easy to use instrument specifically designed to measure the risk for damage to motor bearings, gearboxes, or other devices that are susceptible to electrical discharges, also known as common-mode. These discharges are typically the result of

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