The world’s only shaft voltage testing mobile app, the BPK-Probe™ DataLink, was designed to pair with the BPK-Probe™ via Bluetooth® and effortlessly record shaft voltage results from VFD-driven motors to determine the risk to the motor bearings. The mobile app stores facility, motor, customer, and test data for record maintenance. Recorded data is easily exported into a palatable PDF report for distribution or internal reference.

Overview & Highlights

  • Comprehensive app to test, record, and report test data
  • Accessory to the patented BPK-Probe
  • Easy & simple to use format
  • Designed for consultants or in-house use
  • Free on the Apple Store and Play Store
  • Auto-generated, easy-to-read report saves time and money
  • Useful preventative maintenance tool

Download and Register App on Your Mobile Device

world’s only shaft voltage testing mobile app, the BPK-Probe™ DataLink was designed to pair with the BPK-Probe™ via Bluetooth®

BPK-Probe™ Data Link App FAQs

If no Probe is found when scanning, remember to first wake up the Probe by pressing and releasing the Test Trigger Switch on the Probe.

Latest versions of the app can be checked by going to the app/play store.

Once an e-mail is registered/saved, it cannot be changed by the user. Please contact Helwig Carbon for assistance.

Yes, please contact Helwig Carbon to migrate the data to your new device.

There are two versions of the BPK-Probe, the older version, V1, and the new version, V2.  The V2 probe was developed with new and upgraded features including the ability to connect to Helwig’s newest product, the BPK-Probe DataLink app.  The two versions are easily distinguished by the display screen. The main differences are the color of the display and the status icons. Also, only the V2 versions are eligible for a firmware upgrade to enable the probe to link to the DataLink App.  Follow the simple steps below to be able to tell the version of your probe and if a firmware upgrade is already installed or has the ability to be installed.

Version 1 has a monochrome (non-color) display and is not eligible for the firmware update.  Therefore, it is not able to connect to the DataLink app.

Version 2 has a color display with added features and status icons.

  • If you see the 2-digit alphanumeric code in the upper right corner, your probe is upgraded with the latest firmware and able to connect to the DataLink app.
  • If you see a color display but no 2-digit number, the probe still needs the firmware upgrade to be able to connect to the DataLink app.

There are two reasons why the DataLink app will not automatically sync with your phone.

  1.  The BPK-Probe may need an upgrade.
    • Please see FAQ “Does my BPK-Probe need an upgrade to connect to BPK-Probe DataLink App?
  2. If you are an Android user with version 12, you may need to update some phone settings.
    • Please see FAQ “Which platforms are compatible with the app?
    • Or click here for instructions to sync your version 12 Android.

Yes, all test data is stored on the BPK-Probe’s Micro SD card. Please see the BPK-Probe Operating Instructions to retrieve test data from the SD card.

Test data is exported in a Report Format as a PDF. Altering test data is not possible.

You will not be able to test if the link is broken. Reestablish the link by ‘waking up’ the BPK-Probe then using the app to reconnect. Click Here for details.

Yes. It can only be accessed by the registered user of the app.

IOS version 14.1 and Android, version 8.0.0 or later. The app is not compatible with other platforms like Microsoft Surface Pro, etc… or units w/o BLE communication.

Android version 12 may need some permissions edited before phone will sync with the DataLink App.

Click here to view instructions.

Yes. At your request, we’ll send you a shipping label. Send Probe ONLY. Typically updates are done on the same day.

All saved data is maintained in a secure location on the Cloud. To recover data, please contact Helwig Carbon.

Yes, when you tap SEND from the Export screen, your default email client will open where additional recipients can be added, Subject line changed, text added, etc.

Yes, in your default email client, the report is an attachment. On iOS, it can be viewed by selecting the displayed image. For Android, select the attached PDF icon.

No. The Data Link is designed as an accessory to the BPK-Probe.

No – you must use the green grounding cable for every test, every time, even if the “ground” switch on the probe is disabled. It needs to have a ground reference to work properly every time.

world’s only shaft voltage testing mobile app, the BPK-Probe™ DataLink was designed to pair with the BPK-Probe™ via Bluetooth®

Getting Started

This is an overview of Helwig Carbon’s Data Link app. For recommended factory training please contact Helwig Carbon at (800) 962-4851 or contact us here.

Minimum device requirements are iOS 14.1 and up or Android 8.0.0 and up.

Download Free Mobile App

Download the BPK-Data Link app from the App or Play Store. Search “BPK Probe”

Sign up/Create Account

Open app, select Create Account enter data and press Sign Up.

Sign into the app using the email and password used to create the account.

Download and Register App on Your Mobile Device

BPK-Probe™ Blog Posts

From Probe to Patent

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. is proud to announce that the BPK-Probe™ has been issued US Patent #10942203.  This major innovation provides a means to detect induced shaft currents in motors controlled by VFD drives.

graphic of K007: Exclusive Silver Graphite Brush Grade blog post

K007: Exclusive Silver Graphite Brush Grade

Helwig Carbon provides the shaft grounding industry the lowest resistant path to ground via a proprietary silver graphite brush grade to protect from damaging VFD-induced shaft currents.  This one-of-a-kind brush grade is 5X lower in resistance than

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Why We Test For Shaft Voltage (And You Should, Too!)

Bearing discharges damage the motor bearings in two ways: the degradation of the bearing grease the roller assemblies are suspended in, and by electrostatic machining (ESD) of the bearings and bearing raceways. The combination of the two can be devastating to the life of the motor bearing and should be mitigated to avoid costly repairs and machine downtime.

BPK Probe ROI Blog, the BPK-Probe™ is an easy to use instrument specifically designed to measure the risk for damage to motor bearings, gearboxes, or other devices.

Achieving an ROI with the BPK-Probe™

Problem Overview: The Patent Pending BPK-Probe™ is an easy to use instrument specifically designed to measure the risk for damage to motor bearings, gearboxes, or other devices that are susceptible to electrical discharges, also known as common-mode. These discharges are typically the result of

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